We are nearing the end of 2018 and it there are already some app development that are taking the cake. Some of these apps have new trends being implemented in them. Take for example the ArtPassport that uses virtual reality to give users a sort of a tour in a museum; immersing them in such a way that they’re actually in the place. Some trends that also stand out are video/audio editing apps like and you shouldn’t forget about Social Media because Instagram is already taking the 5 th spot (and it is most likely going to stay in the top 5 until the end of the year). So, what are some insights that we can see so far? Well, below are just some of them.

1. Mobile Payments

With the introduction of the Android and Apple Pay back in 2015, more and more applications are being built to help consumers find meaningful and easy ways to pay for things. For instance, people can pay their bills, their rent, and they can even pay for their food, all while using their smartphones. And the thing I like about the future of mobile payments is that it is going to be a more robust app in that they’re not only used for paying stuff, but they also give you a financial statement about how much money you’ve earned and where you spent some of them. It is only going to be more convenient as the years’ progress.

2. Augmented and Virtual Realities Never Get Old

Or in other words, we do not get tired of it. If you’ve used Snapchat or Faceapp, there is a feature that lets you edit your photos beyond what a normal editing software can do; and you can do it instantly! For example, you could use one of your recent pictures and you can get edit them in a way that makes you younger or older depending on your preference. This feature is actually part of what Augmented Reality has to offer. Now, imagine if the technology gets upgraded in the next few years, we could add some more AR elements to make our pictures come to life or something like that. Also, Virtual Reality, albeit not too popular this year, is still going to make a buzz later on as more smartphones are getting really good performance packages.

3. More Apps with BlockChain

BlockChain is going to be the future when it comes to online transactions- may it be money or sensitive data. In fact, many developers from Asia are already creating applications implementing BlockChain technology and with the rise of Cryptocurrency, we are going to see more of them all over the world in less than 5 years or so.

4. Integrated Cloud-Based Apps

Cloud technology has made it innovative to store and share our data. The ability to be able to keep one own files safe in a secure only storage facility is a really good idea. And, with faster internet speeds, uploading and downloading files to and from the cloud- based storage would be a cinch.

5. Apps are Going to Be More Secure

We can pretty much do anything with our smartphones now. We can do online transactions, we can buy things, and we can even store our precious files. It is, therefore, a high priority to increase app security. That is actually being done by a lot of online security firms as they are continuing to develop the means to bolster an application’s security measures.