The field of search engine optimization has been around for more than two decades now and although it has seen a lot of changes in the past years, one would ask if there were any real innovations being implemented.

In this article, I will talk about SEO’s brief history and the techniques people have employed to see if there really any new innovation when it comes to this technological field.

Before getting started, I just want to make everything clear. By “innovation”, I mean new ideas, or even an entirely new approach in search engine optimization. With that being said, is there really any new innovation with regards to SEO?

The Principles

Search engine optimization is a collection of techniques that you use to improve brand recognition, visibility, relevance, and authority. The fundamentals of SEO marketing include:

  • High-Quality Content- Content is king and it still holds true even to this day. You will still need to create high-quality content to help drive more traffic to your website.
  • Link Building- Even though there are many changes in the way links are viewed, Link Building is still one of the best techniques when it comes to improving brand authority.
  • Search Indexing and Its Specs- Search engines make use of different bots to scour the vast internet space and index websites along the way. Once you’re indexed, your website is technically in their database and you will be given a rank once you’ve done some basic SEO techniques. The search indexing process still remains relatively unchanged to this day.

New Updates

As previously mentioned, there have been quite a few changes to the search algorithm. Google has rolled out some major updates including the Panda and the Penguin.

The Panda update just made some changes in how content is evaluated while the Penguin update just made changes in the way links are seen and examined.

The Introduction of New Techniques

When it comes to actually new techniques, there hasn’t been any. You will still need to create content and you will still need to do some link building in order to build some authority online. However, there are some new ways we implement new technologies.

New Technologies

There is some innovation in the field of SEO, particularly in the technologies that we use to employ the techniques. Some examples are:

  • Analytics- Analytical tools such as Google Analytics and other similar programs have become more streamlined and easier to use, especially for people who are not too tech savvy
  • Google Search Console- Provides plenty of tools and features that will help you learn how a website is viewed
  • Keyword Research- There are many amazing tools to help you find high-volume keywords. Such tools include Google’s very own Keyword Planner and Moz’s Keyword Explorer
  • Automation- With the advent of new internet technology, you can now set certain parameters and have it do its thing automatically without much user intervention.

So, is there really any new Innovation?

Going back to our definition, the answer is no. Yes, there have been many changes in the way SEO techniques are used, but the strategies still remain relatively the same. There might be some true innovation in the coming years, but we will have to wait and see.