I think given enough morals, we can collectively agree that keeping secrets when we are in a relationship can be detrimental for the parties that are involved. For instance, having a secret affair can lead to unhappiness for your original partner.

But, since we already know that keeping secrets like this from our partners can be detrimental to the relationship, did you know that keeping secrets, in general, can lead to physical and mental problems?

If you are a man and already having the symptoms of premature ejaculation, there are possibility that the problem is not on you, but it is on your emotion and mental.

The Research

There was a study that was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology back in 2017. The study aims to provide a link to keeping sectors with anxiety and depression.

The study involved 1200 people and they were then asked to fill out an online survey. Another 312 individuals were asked the same questions- the only difference being that they were asked face-to-face.

The questions that they were given mainly revolved around topics such as committing fraud, theft, cheating on their partners, sexual fantasies, pregnancy, emotional cheating, keep your true sexual orientation a secret, lying about an illness just to take a day off, and betrayal of trust.

The results showed that there is indeed a direct correlation between physical and mental wellbeing and keeping secrets. Although surely, keeping secrets might save someone from embarrassment, if that secret is something that is so dire, then it may be best to spill the beans.

What Can We Learn from This?

There were some participants that dwelled on their secrets more than others. Those that do so are often the ones that have poorer health and may have a higher risk of developing anxiety problems and depression.

According to Malia Mason, a co-author of the study, she said, “Secrets can exert a gravitational pull on our attention and it is the cyclical revisiting of our past mistakes that give us some harmful effects that those secrets can have on our relationship satisfaction and on our wellbeing.”

Michael Slepian, also a co-author of the study, said that there is a chance that people can hide their secrets for a very long time, but there are also some situations that they can think about this spontaneously- thus, affecting their health and wellbeing.

The lesson from all of this? Think twice before you hide important information from your partner because it can also affect your physical and mental health.