Gambling is considered to be a booming recreational activity to many individuals regardless of their gender or age. That’s why when you are playing in the best online casino in Malaysia, you should always watch out for the roots of gambling addiction. Here are the causes of gabling addiction that you should not commit.

Early Big Win

One thing that triggers gamblers to become addicted, especially early in their gambling lives, is an early big win experience. The hype winning such a large amount can sometimes be daunting, and the fact that it comes so early means the player thinks it’s harder to gain those wins than it really is.

Gambling Everywhere

Easy access to gambling is all over the place. Despite some countries ‘ attempts to outlaw various forms of gambling, the rise of online gambling has given citizens around the world the opportunity to find outlets for their gambling desire. If the opportunity to play is more readily available, it will make it more affordable and make it easier for players to play.

If gambling opportunities are difficult to access, then the effort needed to access such opportunities could scare off some people before they even get the chance to play. While if the chance to play is as simple as clicking on a link or throwing any money into a console, the occasional flutter will easily turn into a more compulsive operation.

A research by Thomas, Allen, Phillips, and Karantzas (2011) investigated Gaming Machine Addiction: the role of avoidance, connectivity, and social support to back up claims that easy access to outlets of gambling increases the risk of addiction to gambling.

To Track Wins and Losses

This isn’t something any gambler is trying to do. Not every player hits the casino tables and holds detailed notes of their wins and losses throughout the game. However, keeping a rough idea of how much they’ve won and lost is important for players. The players will concentrate more on the victories unless this is done and soon forget the defeats they experience. This can create a distorted interpretation of the destructive nature of their gambling habits.

Personal stress

Similarly, people can often turn to gambling to seek escapism from their daily troubles by turning to alcohol, drugs, or smoking as a release. This is particularly true if the person concerned recently experienced a bereavement, divorce, job loss, or similar high-stress situation. Gambling becomes the smallest bit of personal relief they get from the pain that tortures them, and instead of maintaining a handle on it, they lose track of their wins and losses that can be very cataclysmic easily.

Financial Problems

This may seem like the most insane way to solve a financial problem for the person on the outside looking in. Nonetheless, their need to fix their financial problems too easily can cause them to conclude that gambling is the only path out to the individual in the thick of the situation. However, it only helps their situation work, unfortunately, and the person in question then suffers a sacrifice that they can not account for forever.

Victims of Abuse

Just as gambling is an outlet for those with personal stress, people who have suffered mental or physical violence may see gambling as a short-term solution to relieve the pain they experience. It makes them forget about the torture they’re going through and they don’t consider the financial knock-on effects.

There is no medical evidence that gambling addiction is hereditary, but there are signs that seeing a family member or loved one going through gambling addiction may make individuals more likely to become addicted to gambling themselves.