Web Hosting Service

If you are searching for a solid web hosting companies in Malaysia that can give quality web hosting services that suits to you then you are at the correct spot. You will discover part of web hosting service provider on the web. 

You need to look into on the web to get reasonable and solid web hosting service provider for your site. There are different types of web hosting services offered by web hosting companies, you have to choose from them as per your needs. 

Managed Dedicated Web Hosting Services 

Through Managed and Dedicated web hosting service you can get solid, adaptable and reasonable web facilitating administrations that empower small and medium-size companies to effectively develop their organizations. 

Small Business Shared Hosting 

Smaller companies consistently lean toward shared hosting on account of no server upkeep cost, in the event that you pick shared facilitating at your site wouldn’t pay cost for server support which may cost low. 

Anti-spam and Anti-infection Solutions

Web hosting service provider company offers best in class Anti-Spam software to shield your letter drop from useless garbage mail. Act at the present time and manage SPAM to set aside time and cash. 

SSL Certificate 

Web hosting service provider company can introduce and keep up an individual SSL declaration for your Website that would guarantee a believed guarantee level and complete consumer loyalty. 

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The Costs of Raising a Kid in Malaysia

Are you and your special someone thinking of starting family in Kuala Lumpur? There are plenty of considerations to make when assessing your financial capabilities in connection to this. Are you financially ready to take on parenting, as well as the other responsibilities that come with it.

Parenting is not an easy job. There may be a lot of baby stroller brands in Malaysia you can choose form, but of course, being a parent is more than just baby shopping

From birth

The financial implications of parenthood start even before your child enters the world. You are required to undergo tests, attend regular checkups, and buy nutritional supplements. What follows is the cost of delivering the kid, and postnatal care for you and your baby. The overall price would depend whether you wills settle for a private hospital or government hospital. 

  • Pre-Natal Checkups RM 0 (Government Hospital), RM 200 per appointment (Private Hospital)
  • Caesarian Delivery RM 100 to 800 (Government Hospital), RM 11,600 to 14,300 (Private Hospital)
  • Normal Delivery RM 60 to 2,000 (Government Hospital), RM 3,000 to 6,500 (Private Hospital)
  • Confinement Lady RM 5,000 (Government Hospital), RM 5,000 (Private Hospital)
  • Child care

    Do you want to hire a nanny? If yes, then your yearly bill may amount to around RM 12,000 every year. If you want to hire a live-in domestic helper, that can cost around RM 22,400 for the entire first year, not including food and accommodation. 


    As your child grows, so will the requirement for a wide range of items, both one-off purchases and essentials. One-off buys can be a car seat, stroller, high chair and diaper changing table. Recurring items, on the other hand, can be diapers, formula and clothes. All of this can push the monthly budget to around RM 3,000 each month. 

    Secondary and Primary School Education

    Education expenses in Malaysia will take over your largest expense, once your child starts to go to primary school. This will increase as the kid progresses into secondary school. Aside from the school fees, you also need to consider annual school books, school uniform expenses, school trips and after-school enrichment sessions. 

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    How to Start Feeding Your Baby Some Solids?

    During the first six months of your newborn, the only thing that they need to feed on is your breastmilk. That will provide them with all of the nutrients by their bodies in order for them to grow optimally.

    However, once they reach six months above, you should start thinking about feeding them with some solid foods. Baby milk bottles that contain either breast milk or formula milk should only be treated as a complementary piece to their nutrition puzzle.

    According to a Nursing Sister, Burgie of Ireland, she said that the ideal time for babies to start eating solid foods is when they reach six months old. In fact, whenever they start crawling and teething, that would be the time for you to know that they are actually read to be fed some solids, given that their bodies have matured enough to digest such foods.

    Solid foods are a perfect complement to your child’s overall nutrition plan, simply because breastmilk can no longer provide the nutritional needs of their ever-growing bodies. If anything, they should only be treated as complementary pieces and nothing more.

    If you are a first-time parent and you do not know when to feed and how to feed your baby some solid foods, then you’ve come to the right article. I will go over some things you need to know to start feeding your baby some solids.

    The Foods to Avoid

    Technically, your baby can be fed any solid foods, provided that they are filled with nutrients that their bodies need to grow optimally. However, there are some foods that you shouldn’t give to them, mainly because they’ve been known to cause allergies and unwanted side effects.

    For instance, cow’s milk is highly discouraged, especially for babies that are still below one year of age. There are a lot of reasons why they shouldn’t be given cow’s milk, but some of the few is that they do not offer a lot of nutritional benefits and that they are considered to be a poor source of iron.

    It is also a huge no-no to give your baby Honey as it has been linked to infant botulism. That is because honey contains spores of Clostridium Botulinum that may grow in your baby’s intestines and could even release harmful toxins as well.

    When is the Best Time to Introduce Solids?

    There are actually three stages of weaning, according to Allison Lang, a clinical dietitian. When your baby reaches 6-7 months, you can start introducing solid foods to them by pureeing them first. You want to feed them mainly foods that are easy to digest.

    At 8-10 months, you can now add chunky foods into the mix (provided that they are small chunks). This is actually mandatory since you want to encourage your baby to chew on their food at this point in time.

    Once they reach 10-12 months old, you can actually feed them what your family eats during the three main courses of the day. You may also want to feed them some formula milk or breastmilk and put it inside a sippy cup.

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    Having a Child in Malaysia

    Are you thinking of giving birth to your child in Kuala Lumpur? Giving birth in this city is a unique, wonderful experience. There are also tons of cute baby carriers in Malaysia that you can buy for your little one. Below are some of the things you should know about having a kid in this country. 

    Malaysia doesn’t really allow dual citizenship. If the baby’s parents are not Malaysian citizens, then the infant is not entitled to Malaysian citizenship. 

    Regular prenatal

    Prenatal checkup costs can begin from MYR$50.00, or approximately USD$15.00. If you are planning to give birth in a Malaysian private hospital, costs may vary from the kind of services and rooms. The best thing you can do first is to check with our health care coverage. May firms cover treatments and procedures, from prenatal to postnatal concerns. 

    Do you want your baby to be vaccinated in a private medical center? This can cost you around  MYR$2,000.00, or USD$620.00. Insurance plans for babies, on the other hand, can begin for as low as MYR$100.00 each month. 

    Once the child’s birth

    Babies who are born in Malaysia must be registered within 14 days at the National Registration Department, or NRD). This firm is responsible for marriage, adoption, registering births and more. 

    certificate is released, you can use this to apply for the baby’s passport. A passport is important to apply for dependents’ pass from the department of immigration. Keep this in mind if you and our partner are of different nationalities. Refer to your respective agencies, and figure out if the kid is entitled to have a dual nationality of both your countries’. If one of you is Malaysian, the kid is entitled to have either the citizenship of the non-Malaysian parent, or a Malaysian citizenship.

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    Top Affiliate Marketing Tools

    Do you want to be a successful affiliate marketer in Malaysia? Well, in order to be successful in what you do, you would need all the help you can have. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are plenty of tools that can assist you in achieving your goals. Here are some of them. 


    Grammarly is definitely a must-have tool for those regularly write reviews for their affiliate website. It functions as an advanced-level spell checker, and identifies grammatical errors like incorrect comma and word usage. You can start by using its free version. 


    Are you working with a team of content writers for affiliate marketing reviews? It’s important for affiliate marketers to check their articles first using this tool before publishing it. You just need to make sure of everything, since even an accidental plagiarism case can result in serious legal problems. 


    Hemingway is a favorite review tool of many online marketers. It helps users to simplify their writing. There are quite a lot of ways to simplify complicated sentences, and it is Hemingway’s job to make things easier for you. 

    Google AdSense

    If you are serious about making money online, then you should know the wonders of Google AdSense. This amazing platform provides second source of income as you go along your affiliate marketing journey. It allows users to integrate ad blocks throughout your website, that other websites can pay to utilize. 


    SEMRush is the perfect go-to tool for people who regularly fix SEO errors, and implement keyword research and competitor analysis. This tool is definitely a must-have to online marketers who want to understand what kind of content is generating the highest ROI for their competitors. 

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    Some Common Questions that Malaysians Ask About the Divorce Law

    There is no denying that marriage is one of the most important aspects of our lives. It is something that we would cherish forever- or so you think.

    Partners go into marriages believing that the person they are going to marry would be the one that they would live with for the rest of their lives. However, there are some couples that are just not meant for each other.

    If that is the case, filing for divorce just makes sense, but that is exactly what most Malaysians do not know about. What exactly is the divorce law and what does it entail?

    How Do I Start the Process?

    For people who are married via civil marriages, a divorce may be petitioned to a family court by either of the partners (or both). That is because such marriages are governed by the Law Reform of Marriage and Divorce Act of 1976.

    But, do not think of filing for divorce if you’ve just been together for a couple of months. That is because the law states that you can only file a petition if you’ve been married for at least 2 years with your spouse. 

    The reason for this provision is simple. The Malaysia government wants married couples to protect the sanctity of marriage and to reconcile their differences so to protect their vows.

    However, just like any law, there are some cases where the 2-year requirements can be lifted. This is only allowed for spouses that are considered to have suffered (or is suffering) from what is considered by the law as “exceptional hardship or related circumstances”. Some of the things that can be considered as such may include verbal quarrels, physical harm, and adultery. Both parties may file a joint petition or a spouse (may it be the wife or the husband) can file for a single divorce petition.

    What is the Process of the Division of Properties?

    This is actually pretty tricky. But, what you have to know is that the properties may be divided upon how they were acquired. For instance, if the property was acquired using a spouse’s money before marriage, then they will have ownership of that particular property. However, things will get quite tricky, especially when we are talking about matrimonial properties.

    Can I Get Alimony?

    According to Section 77 of the LRA, the man would have to pay for maintenance to his ex-wife during the court proceedings and after the divorce is done. Furthermore, the woman may also do the same for her ex-husband provided that his husband is financially incapable of providing sustenance.

    As to how much money should be given to the spouses, that will depend on the earning potential, as well as the financial needs of both parties. Some courts will also look at the duration of the marriage, the standard of living, the age of the wife, and the financial support provided to the wife during their marriage.

    As for the alimony, the court will decide based on how much money you were contributed towards the breakdown of your marriage expenses.

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    The Basic Things You Need to Know About eCommerce

    eCommerce, or electronic business, is the purchase and sale of goods and services over the internet, or any electronic medium. It equates to the transferring data and funds electronically between multiple parties. Basically, it refers to online shopping. It’s easy and convenient–shopping can happen in just a few clicks. 

    E-commerce website developer

    Are you looking for ecommerce website design services in Malaysia? Make sure to hire dedicated professionals who can effectively help you in improving your brand presence.

    1. B2B (Business-to-Business) – Online transactions of services and goods between businesses.
    2. B2C (Business-to-Consumer) – Online transactions of services and goods between consumers and companies.
    3. C2B (Consumer-to-Business) – Online transactions of services and goods where people offer services and products to businesses.
    4. C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) – Online transactions of services and goods between customers, mostly through third party platforms. 
    5. B2A (Business-to-Administration) – Online transactions of services and goods between public administrations and companies. 
    6. C2A (Consumer-to-Administration) – Online transactions of services and goods between public administrations and individuals. 

    The Importance of eCommerce


    • Short service/product distribution chain
    • Lesser pricing and costs
    • Global market reach
    • A global choice for customers


    • Data privacy issues
    • Failure to test and check goods and services testing 
    • Dependence on electronic technologies
    • Online and Fraud insecurity
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    What is affiliate marketing?

    Do you want to be an expert affiliate marketer someday? Before taking on any major steps to fulfill that goal, you need to do comprehensive research first. You need to spend time looking for the best products for your affiliate marketing journey.

    Affiliate Marketing for Newbies

    Affiliate marketing is the practice of recommending services and products to potential customers, earning a commission and generating a sale in return. The process usually involves 4 parties–the buyer, advertiser, the affiliate network and affiliate website. It sounds all technical, but this is one of the best ways to make money online in Malaysia.

    The affiliate network

    The affiliate network integrates a specific tracking cookie on the buyer’s browser when they visit an advertiser’s website. This is the result of clicking the affiliate link. Keep in mind that the affiliate link functions as the glue that makes the affiliate marketing process possible.

    The Affiliate

    The affiliate is the one that owns the website. This can be you, me or your landlady. It’s not really that complex to create a website suitable for the affiliate (though marketing the website efficiently is a different matter).

    The website which the affiliate owns contains all the reviews and details about a product sold on the website of the advertiser. It also links to the product page of the advertiser through a special link, known as affiliate link.

    The advertiser

    This advertiser can be any business or organization that sells a service or product online. It could be Amazon or another small online arts and crafts shop.

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    Why Keeping Secrets May Lead to Major Health Issues

    I think given enough morals, we can collectively agree that keeping secrets when we are in a relationship can be detrimental for the parties that are involved. For instance, having a secret affair can lead to unhappiness for your original partner.

    But, since we already know that keeping secrets like this from our partners can be detrimental to the relationship, did you know that keeping secrets, in general, can lead to physical and mental problems?

    If you are a man and already having the symptoms of premature ejaculation, there are possibility that the problem is not on you, but it is on your emotion and mental.

    The Research

    There was a study that was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology back in 2017. The study aims to provide a link to keeping sectors with anxiety and depression.

    The study involved 1200 people and they were then asked to fill out an online survey. Another 312 individuals were asked the same questions- the only difference being that they were asked face-to-face.

    The questions that they were given mainly revolved around topics such as committing fraud, theft, cheating on their partners, sexual fantasies, pregnancy, emotional cheating, keep your true sexual orientation a secret, lying about an illness just to take a day off, and betrayal of trust.

    The results showed that there is indeed a direct correlation between physical and mental wellbeing and keeping secrets. Although surely, keeping secrets might save someone from embarrassment, if that secret is something that is so dire, then it may be best to spill the beans.

    What Can We Learn from This?

    There were some participants that dwelled on their secrets more than others. Those that do so are often the ones that have poorer health and may have a higher risk of developing anxiety problems and depression.

    According to Malia Mason, a co-author of the study, she said, “Secrets can exert a gravitational pull on our attention and it is the cyclical revisiting of our past mistakes that give us some harmful effects that those secrets can have on our relationship satisfaction and on our wellbeing.”

    Michael Slepian, also a co-author of the study, said that there is a chance that people can hide their secrets for a very long time, but there are also some situations that they can think about this spontaneously- thus, affecting their health and wellbeing.

    The lesson from all of this? Think twice before you hide important information from your partner because it can also affect your physical and mental health.

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    What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Baby Sleep Positioners?


    With regards to helping your infant rest all the more successfully and securely, there are different methods that guardians can utilize and furthermore a few items available. One of these is the child rest positioner, which is gone for keeping your infant lying in a particular position. You can buy them at an online baby store.

    There are additionally a few items, for example, molded pads which are likewise like the infant rest positioner, and this assistance your youngster to keep their head in a specific position. There are a few focal points and detriments to utilizing these items be that as it may, and these must be deliberately considered of before you proceed to choose what is best for your tyke.

    The main thing to know is that at present, numerous specialists caution against the utilization of infant rest positioners for the reason that they can be perilous for the wellbeing of the infant – at any rate when utilized without playing it safe first.

    These items are intended to stop an infant moving over onto its stomach, which can result in SIDS. As it is perfect for an infant to rest on its back, these positioners basically keep the infant in the ideal spot while dozing and thusly lessen this danger of SIDS.

    So, having these things on the bed can expand the danger of mishaps that outcome in suffocation. In this way, numerous specialists state that nothing else ought to be put in a child’s bed, for example, any sort of pad or pad, or even delicate toys, as these can expand the odds of SIDS happening.

    Be that as it may, numerous guardians still utilize these items as they discover them basic so as to urge their infant to rest on his or her back. Without a doubt, this might be a truly important apparatus to use, insofar as an infant is administered and they are not at a hazard over moving over and hurting themselves.

    In reality, a few guardians do utilize these sorts of tranquilizers if the kid is under their watch, as it can lessen hazard and the parent can mediate should the infant place itself in threat. This sorts of positioners can quite furnish infant with an open to dozing position, which can guarantee a more profound and increasingly serene rest.

    In these occurrences, guardians might need to have an infant rest positioner available for when they need an infant to get an especially soothing rest under their attentive gaze. Another bit of leeway of this sort of positioner is that it can help avert level head disorder.

    This disorder is something that influences babies who rest on their backs or who lay down with their head to only one side. As an infant’s head is still delicate and the skull has not totally framed yet, lying on a level bedding can make the skull become straightened in appearance.

    This frequently turns around itself normally, insofar as guardians take certain measures to energize this inversion. One way that they can do this is by utilizing a child rest positioner every once in a while under their watch to mitigate a tad of weight from specific zones of the head.

    Instead of leaving the child unattended during the evening with a positioner, it very well may be utilized deliberately to enable the head to take a characteristic shape while resting, basically a break from when an infant lies on his or her back constantly.

    A well-known option in contrast to this is the child head pad, which is bent inwards to enable the infant’s head to take a customary, adjusted shape. This again can be utilized under guardians’ watch and isn’t as cumbersome as a whole positioner which is put under the infant’s body. In spite of the fact that there are points of interest and burdens to utilizing these items, they absolutely do have their employment.

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