Doing a home makeover requires you to spend a lot of money and because of that, you want to make sure that you are doing the right things.

Luckily, designers from some of the top interior design firms in Malaysia have chimed in to give you some useful tips that you should know when remodeling your home. Without further delay, let’s get on with the article.

Prioritize What to Change by Doing the ‘3-Second Scan’

There is this notion of psychological constructs where every person notices a different thing when confronted with the same situation. There is a slight variation to this that some interior designers use and they call it the 3-second scan.

Basically, you want to wield a pen and paper and go to one of your rooms (that you want to remodel) and close your eyes. Then, open your eyes and as quickly as three seconds, jot down the things that stand out to you the most. These are the things that should be given priority, mainly because they are the most noticeable ones.

Use White Accents

If there is one color that you can safely use no matter what color scheme you are using in your house, that would be the color white. Using some white color accents can really help make your home a little bit brighter.

Add Some Yellow

One neat trick that interior designers do is to get a transparent vase and then add some lemons into them. This will give a punch of yellow that can instantly give you that spring vibe. You can also use plants as well. Just make sure that you are using a transparent vase so that you can see the plant in all its glory.

The beauty of plants is that they last longer than flowers and you can plant its base in the garden to grow them again.

Use Bold Throw Pillows

If you are going to put some pillows on your sofa or bed, do not be afraid to use brightly-

colored ones or those that have bold prints. You can buy throw pillows readily in your favorite online store.

Repaint Old Furniture

Do you want to add new life to your old furniture? Repaint them. Antiquing is one of the things that you should encourage your whole family to get into. Start with small projects and if you can get your entire family to help you, you can then tackle bigger furniture. For example, you can breathe new life to your outdated cupboard by giving it a new paint job. Perhaps you have figurines that have lost their sheen and could definitely use a new paint job as well.

Ditch the Heavy Drapes

Modern interior designers would always ditch the heavy drapes in favor of light materials such as lace or voile. This is so that adequate sunlight can shine through them, helping illuminate your house in the process. Pinning these fabrics are easy as you can use a rod pocket and some tacks to do it.